The Brenham ISD School Board held its first virtual meeting Friday at noon.  Each of the board members attended the audio only meeting on YouTube, along with various school officials.  Superintendent Dr. Walter Jackson led off the meeting by saying how much he has been touched by everyone’s commitment to continuing the education of students in this difficult time.  He noted that the district is currently suppling over 1900 meals per day to students and that over 500 Chromebook computers have been distributed to students that need them to continue their studies.  Jackson noted that he is receiving daily updates on the covid-19 situation from the Texas Education Agency and that he expects to communicate soon if the school closures will continue past April 3rd.

Four people left written messages that were read during the meeting.  Each person encouraged the district to seek a way to distribute meals to students that are unable to travel.  Director of Child Nutrition Services Sandra Baxter said that taking food to students is currently handled on a case by case basis, and is probably better handled by outside agencies.

Assistant Superintendent of Operations Paul Aschenbeck stated that Durham Transportation is asking the district for 80 percent of their normal payment for bus services during the shutdown in order to retain the drivers.  The district, like many across the nation, has been dealing with a shortage of bus drivers.  Aschenbeck said the board did not need to approve the payment since it is a reduction from the contract amount.

In other action, the board:

  • Received a report on remote learning from Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction Dr. Jamey Johnson
  • Received a report on Academic Placement testing from High School Principal Joe Chandler.
  • Received preliminary information about graduating seniors and how they will be handled this year.
  • Received information about the district’s lunch distribution process from Director of Child Nutrition Services Sandra Baxter.
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  1. Maybe Durham Transportation should provide better services before they ask for 80% payment when they aren’t providing a service currently.

    1. I think if bus drives get paid during this shut down, substitutes should get paid during this shutdown to. When we work, we work 8 hours a day, bus drivers don’t work that long.
      Some of us subs had jobs lined up already these 2 pass weeks and beyond, and some of us subs depend on our sub jobs. It is my understanding that their is a shortage of subs also in the district. I feel that the subs being paid during this shutdown should be taken into consideration. Without substitutes teachers would not have anyone to take their classes when they are sick, have emergencies, take care of personal business, have to go to teacher conferences or sports, FFA contest.

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