Washington County Commissioners will address the proposed tax rate for the coming fiscal year, when they meet Tuesday morning.

The proposed rate is 49.87-cents per $100 valuation—which is 3-tenths-of-a-cent higher than the current rate.

A public hearing on the proposed tax rate is scheduled for Sept. 15 at the Washington County Courthouse Annex.

Commissioners will also discuss a contract for management services involving the Silver Crayon Project.  The contract would involve public infrastructure improvements.

Back in April, Brenham Economic Development Director Susan Cates said the project is based in the oil and gas industry.  Cates said while the company involved with the project is wary at this point due to recent economic events involving the oil and gas industry, it remains “cautiously optimistic”.

The County Commissioners will also hold a public hearing prior to the meeting.  The hearing will address “No Thru Truck” signs to be installed throughout precinct one.

Following the hearing, commissioners will discuss and vote on the sign installation.

Also on the agenda:

Road improvements for Railroad Street near Burton Elementary School.

A special assistance community service contract between Washington County and Faith Mission and Help Center.

And, monthly reports from the sheriff’s office, EMS, county 911, IT department and veterans’ services.

Tuesday’s meeting is set for 9:00 a.m. at the Courthouse Annex.


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  1. Y’all still think the EMS helicopter isn’t costing the county anything like was promised by Deramus?

  2. go ahead and raise the tax rate and do not expected to be reelected next time. This citizens will not tolerate this nonsense we have all had to really tighten out belts and all you want to do is let them out. Learn to live the crises as we all have your bad decision will be reflected in the next election. Think about it.

  3. Local Government has evolved into the Washington County hypocrite party. Proof is even in local city government. Example being in city permits. My manicurist wanted to build a new shop and was told they could not because it would be too close to neighbor’s house. Down the street at Stone St. and Day St. there is a new manicurist will have a shop next to two neighbors’ houses. Government hypocrisy is the real pandemic.

    1. Agreed, but are they the ones you chose? We are victims of our choices. Sometimes what you believe maybe the wrong choice is not necessarily true, after all who persuaded you that it would not b a good choice? Thinking for ourselves thoroughly most always yield better results.

      1. Hey, thinker and researcher. You stand to be corrected: We the taxpayers do not vote on the hired help and administrators. Unfortunately, it sounds like you are following the group that votes on celebrity status and not the most qualified.

        1. No, elected officials is the subject. The elected commissioners Court determine the tax rate. The state elected officials determines the increase in our property values, not hired help. Ask a local school board member for a detailed explanation, they will be pleased to reply.

          1. Sounds to me like the thinker and researcher has not given any thought to research. Everyone knows that taxes go up when government administration spends all the tax dollars and just need more and more tax dollars each year. Not really considered rocket science.

          2. The School Board is a totally different government organization from the County, which is what this article is about.

    2. Hypocrisy, you are right. But I don’t think you can blame this on the county government this would be a city government problem. The manicurist that you mentioned who cannot move into his building is my manicurist too. I didn’t know about the new manicurist location going in down the street, I noticed it today when the street was partially blocked for tree trimming work. I would suggest that this impropriety be brought to the attention of the city council and be resolved. Everybody business deserves to be treated equally.

    3. I don’t know why you brought up topic on new manicurist, except for a blanket statement on the mistrust in general of the government. I heard about the manicurist shop dilemma today when I received a pedicure. Looks like they are making a parking lot in the entire backyard now on the new red brick house location.

  4. Any year evaluations show little change, we taxpayers can count on rates to go up. And next year, our evaluations will take a substantial increase, count on it. To anyone who finds issue with these tax increases, I can only say, Did you ask for this? How taxpayers can keep choosing to go against their own best interests by making poor choices, is a mystery. Maybe it’s more of the “ herd mentality”.

  5. Washington County Commissioners Court just approved two resolutions in the past few months Here is what they all agreed on,

    The first resolution was approved in efforts to reduce excessive noise. Judge John Durrenberger clarified that this resolution is not something Washington County can legally enforce, but more of a suggestion for residents to be mindful of neighbors.

    Commissioner Joy Fuchs stated that this resolution follows complaints of noise coming from the gas plant in Old Mill Creek, as well as other increased use of land for other recreational and commercial uses.

    Commissioner Candice Bullock, said that the small town feel in Washington County is a luxury, and the goal of the resolution is to protect that luxury. Commissioner Kirk Hanath , stated that citizens must remain cognizant of the effect actions may have on neighbors. But Yet they all approve of this “Silver Crayon Project” I don’t understand that line of thinking…

  6. With all the new stylecraft housing, and new buildings and large tact improvements, why do the commissioners feel the need to raise taxes, not to mention the higher appraisals. Just another kick us while we are down

    1. You are so so right Ken. You could only assume with ALL the new homes being built that would generate more tax income. How silly are WE to even consider that, huh? Because we know that no matter what we will HAVE TO PAY TAX INCREASES that WILL be imposed on all property owners….

      Just occurred to me ….maybe they are trying to make up for all the tax breaks they provided secretly to the new “OH SO GREAT” shopper center off hwy. 290. That has been delayed by an entire year !! By the way do the still get their tax breaks if thete original agreement was summer of 2021, and it won’t be completed until 2022 or 2023? Interesting question…..and inquiring minds would like to know !! My opinion the shopping center should be penalized for making false statements of when it would be completed. Maybe the County Commisioners should focus on that !

    2. They need to take a 2 year break on all projects that are not necessary, and then lower the tax rate by 3% at least, and live within that budget, like everyone else.

      I have had to scale down my goals and future plans due to the Corona, they should be able to do the same.

      That goes for all commissioners, judges, city council, park employees, ALL OF IT.

      That, and raise the sales tax across the state by $0.05, giving the raise to the county’s where it is spent, and let tourists and travelers help out our state as a whole.

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